Friday, March 3, 2017

The Hunt for Red October / Tom Clancy / 469 pgs

This was my first Tom Clancy book! I chose this book because it was the first Jack Ryan book he wrote, and also because it was the one Jack Ryan movie I haven't seen yet. I love Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears, so I hoped I'd like the book. The book centers around a Soviet nuclear submarine captain, Marko Ramius, and his crew aboard the Red October, as Captain Ramius hatches a plan to defect to the United States with his more senior officers who want to defect too. Jack Ryan is a CIA analyst living in London. When he sees pictures of the Red October and their "caterpillar" propulsion system which allows the submarine to sail virtually undetected, he hops a flight to Langley, and from there the adventure begins.

I'm of two minds about this book. Certainly the tension is very well written. There's lots of twists and turns that keep your attention. On the other hand, I bored with all of the technical details found throughout the book. It made the book feel very long, longer than it actually is. However, because the story itself was so good, I hope to get my hands on Patriot Games soon. I genuinely think that the only reason why I don't give this book a higher rating is because the technical jargon, and that should be not as prevalent in Patriot Games. I can see why men like Tom Clancy more. That said, I definitely recommend the Jack Ryan series to anyone who likes Brad Thor or WEB Griffin.

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