Monday, March 6, 2017

The Unexpected Duchess/Valerie Bowman/368 pgs

I am an unabashed lover of historical romance but this, unfortunately, was not my cup of tea (pun intended, though really no cup is my tea because I do not care for tea!). Lucy is an outspoken young miss who never learned to curb her tongue and scares off all the gentlemen. Derek is a war hero who was just created a duke. He promised his dying soldier friend that he would marry a lady named Cassandra. Cassandra is Lucy's friend and she doesn't want to marry this new duke because she's in love with someone else. So she asks Lucy to use her sharp tongue and help her scare off Derek. As generally happens, Lucy and Derek end up falling for each other. This would definitely be considered a Regency romp. There are funny parts but the characters seem very young, and honestly theywould have been more at home in a contemporary novel than a historical. Still, Bowman writes well and if you are looking for something lighthearted and fun, this just might be YOUR cup of tea.

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