Saturday, August 29, 2015

Dogtripping/David Rosenfelt/278 pgs.

Author David Rosenfelt and his wife, Debbie, are ardent dog rescuers. As Rosenfelt attests, Debbie is the moving force behind the Tara Foundation, named for Debbie's deceased golden retriever, Tara. The subtitle of the book says it all: "25 rescues, 11 volunteers, and 3 RVs on our canine cross-country adventure." This book describes David and Debbie's move from California to Maine with 25 rescues in tow. Besides the move, Rosenfelt shares the personalities of some of the dogs involved in the move, plus stories of some of the 300 plus dogs he and Debbie have rescued. The book will bring the reader to laughter and tears, but also to the realization that for every cruel dog owner, there are more good people willing to step in to help. It's a very heartwarming story. Thank you, Sandy M., for bringing it to my attention. Highly recommended!

Judge This.(Ted Books)/Chip Kidd/125 pgs.

Chip Kidd has been designing book covers for quite awhile. In this brief book, Kidd demonstrates the importance of first impressions in life and in design. He takes the reader on a journey of what inspires him in his designing process, and how it translates into art. The reader might not recognize the author's name, but he/she is bound to recognize some of the book covers he has designed. It's quite entertaining and insightful. Highly recommended!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Slightly Sinful / Mary Balogh 271 p.

Slightly Sinful / Mary Balogh 271 p.

Alleyne Bedwyn is a military courier serving at the Battle of Waterloo when he is thrown from his horse and left for dead.  When he awakes in a brothel, he thinks he is in heaven.  Though he has lost his memory, his mind works find.  Rachel convinces him that she only plays the innocent.  She is filled with despair as her ex-fiance and minister has absconded with the brothel residents entire life savings.  They are filled with revenge.  The group only waits for Alleyne and his one-eyed Sergeant to heal.   When Alleyne as Jonathan agrees to play Rachel's husband so that she can get her inheritance, the plot becomes more twisted as she feels more and more unwilling to play this plot out against her uncle for who she comes to care.

Vendetta Defense / Lisa Scottoline 390 p.

Vendetta Defense / Lisa Scottoline 390 p.

Rosato associate, Judy Carrier (Everywhere that Mary went), takes the case of Tony Lucia, who has been arrested for murdering his life-long enemy Angelo Clouzzi.   Anthony "Pigeon Tony" Lucia, widowed for some 60 years, is the murder.  He has shoved Angelo in the storeroom of the pigeon-racing club house. Pigeon Tony is happy to have killed Angelo with his bare hands as Angelo murdered the love of his life and mother of his son some 60 years before.  What enrages Pigeon Tony is when Angelo taunts him with his murdering of Pigeon Tony's son and daughter-in-law in a fiery truck accident the year before.  A highly entertaining story.

Sixth in the Rosato and Associates novels series.

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn / Mark Twain 175 p. Deceased author

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn / Mark Twain 175 p.

In this sequence to Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn takes to the road, actually the Mississippi River to escape from his abusive alcoholic father. Along the way he meets up with Jim, a runaway slave. Miss Watson was going to sell Jim down river away from his wife and family. Jim plans to land in Cairo Illinois, a free state, and work to earn the money to free his family.  As they raft down the river, they scavenge what they can.  When they enter a house floating by they find a dead man shot in the back.  Jim holds Huck back from looking a dead man when he covers the body.  As they miss the Cairo landing, they pass Arkansas where they meet up with the duke and the king, a couple of con artists.  Duke and king work a scam for Jim so that the slavers don't capture him.  They play several town-sized cons before the cons turn on Huck and Jim.  It is adventure after adventure in this classic.

Seducing an Angel / Mary Balogh 405 p.

Seducing an Angel / Mary Balogh 405 p.

In the 4th of the Huxtable quintet series, Mary Balogh tackles difficult subjects of spousal abuse, alcoholism, and miscarriages.  Destitute Cassandra Belmont comes to London to find a special lover.  He must be rich, well-born and want her.  Marriage is out of the question due to scandalous past-- ax murderer is whispered about town.  Stephen Huxtable fits the bill.  She gate crashes a real crush of a party held by his sister to force a meeting.  He does go home with her and accedes to her demands the next morning.  When Huxtable, Earl of Merton, turns the tables on her and begins to court her she is not willing to give up her independence.  Balogh develops complex characters and slowly reveal more about themselves as the story progresses.

Legal Tender / Lisa Scottoline 295 p.

Legal Tender / Lisa Scottoline 295 p.

Bennie Rosato is still reeling from her breakup with lover and law partner Mark Biscardi when he is found murdered in his office. Bennie is the chief and only suspect. When the weapon is found in her home, that puts paid to her innocence. She has no alibi as she was out rowing alone. It is up to her to foil the case the police is building against her. This fast-paced features a gutsy strong woman who can get herself out of hot water...with a little help from friends. Interwoven into the story is the story of her caring for her deranged mother. This is the 2nd in the Rosato and Associates novels series.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sociopath Next Door : the Ruthless Versus the Rest of Us / Martha Stout 241 p. Self-help

Sociopath Next door / Martha Stout 241 p.

Martha Stout, a 25 year Harvard psychologist, offers this book to help identify sociopaths.  She has spent her career helping people who's lives have been terribly hurt by sociopaths.  A sociopath is one who does not have a conscience.  He or she feels no shame, guilt or remorse for his/her actions.  Surprizing, 4% of the population have this condition.  That is one in 25.  To help put this into perspective, there is one sociopath in every classroom.  Stout proposes a sociopathic-behavior checklist and suggested coping strategies.

Who Needs God / Harold Kushner 208 p. Self-Help Challenge

Who Needs God / Harold Kushner 208 p.
Harold Kushner offers advice for these times where one feels overwhelmed, dissatisfied or unable to cope with one's problems.  Rabbi Kushner helps understand how a spiritual commitment can make a real difference in one's life.  His approach is ecumenical.

Home for the Holidays / Leanne Banks, Dixie Browning, Kathie DeNosky 378 p.

Home for the Holidays / Leanne Banks, Dixie Browning, Kathie DeNosky 378 p.

Christmas is in air and so is romance in these three short stories from these popular authors. Three sisters find this Christmas to be a life changer. Each comes back to their home town of Mission Creek Texas only to discover the love of their life.

Millionaire Next Door: The Surprising Secrets of America's Wealthy / Thomas J. Stanley 258 p. Self-help

Millionaire Next Door / Thomas J. Stanley 258 p.

Say millionaire and one thinks of Donald Trump. Stanley and his co-author-researcher William D. Danko have interviewed millionaires extensively. They learned that the millionaire is more likely to live a very simple lifestyle. A high wage earner is not necessarily a millionaire. In order to accumulate lasting wealth, one must not only earn a lot but also develop frugal habits. A millionaire lives below his means. They are frugal. They are likely to pay for quality, but not the image. So they are likely to drive an American made car and generally a used model. They plan their investments. A formula Stanley and Danko developed defines net worth as equal to one-tenth their age multiplied by their current annual income from all sources. The researches coined the term Under Accumulator of Wealth (UAW) to describe those individuals who have a low net wealth compared to their income. The opposite of UAW is the Prodigious Accumulator of Wealth (PAW). PAWs have a high net worth. PAWs do not feel the need to live up to the "Jones'". They don't buy luxury foreign cars, expensive suits, big name watches. On the other hand, PAWs spend to live in a wonderful neighborhood and feel the pressure to spend. Some tips from the authors, spend less than one makes, invest for the long term, and avoid "spending tomorrow's cash today". It is interesting that the researches found that doctors, lawyers, dentists are generally UAWs.  The message is loud and more, spend less, and invest the difference in non-risky investments.

Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things / Carolyn Mackler 246

Earth, My Butt, and Other Big Round Things / Carolyn Mackler 246 p.

15 year old Virginia Shreves is overweight.  Her mother is pressuring her about her weight.  Her best friend has moved half a world way.  Her family is a bunch of thin stars.  Her mother is a adolescent psychologist, her brother was a big man on campus at the private school she attends, her sister is a Peace Corps volunteer.  She doesn't feel accepted at school.  She is kind of interested in Froggy.  She likes fooling around with him but doesn't want him seeing her fat.  When her brother is sent home from college for date-rape, her parents seem to gloss over it.  Virginia reacts by questioning her family's values.  She works through a lot of angst.  She comes out a stronger better person.  She rebels taking charge of her life and changing it.  She finds her own style complete with purple hair and an eyebrow ring and a more outgoing personality.

I'm Your Santa / Lori Foster, Dianne Castell, Karen Kelley 309 p.

I'm Your Santa / Lori Foster, Dianne Castell, Karen Kelley 309 p.

Christmas is the focus in these short stories by these romance authors.  In The Christmas Present, Beth Monroe flees from her 3 day -stand she jumped into with her fiance's best friend after her discovering her fiance infidelities.  When she realizes her situation she flees with him on her trail all the way to .... her family's Christmas gathering.   In It's a Wonderful Life, hottie Jeremy Hunter is looking to research his breakaway Hollywood role by playing a small town preacher.  As this is a romance he runs into a beautiful parishioner Bailey Tanner.  Home for Christmas has LuLu Cahill having a terrible Christmas...but not as bad as Sebastian Moore's who bride jilted him at the last possible moment.

Mycroft Holmes / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 328 p. Celebrity Challenge

Mycroft Holmes / Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 328 p.

We learn about the early life of Sherlock Holme's brother, Mycroft.  Mycroft is a Cambridge graduate who is rising in his chosen career of government work.  We see the early beginnings of his encyclopedic memory.  His life takes a very different turn when his best friend, Cyrus Douglas, comes to him with a very grave situation in his home country of Trinidad-- strange deaths involving children.  The two set out on a difficult and dangerous (dangerous because someone of power is looking to stop them: using anything and everything to stop them including poisons and physical beatings) journey.  These do not stop Mycroft.  Using Douglas' local contacts as well as his governmental contacts, the two begin to piece together the nefarious plot to reinstate slavery.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Dearly Devoted Dexter / Jeffry P. Lindsay / 292 pages

The 2nd novel in the Dexter series features a more tamed Dexter than in the first.  Constantly watched, Dexter can't let his "dark passenger" out to play.  Therefore he settles into a more domesticated life with Rita and spends most of his time either with her or helping his dear sister to catch a sinister serial vivisectionist.  There's some dark imagery in this book - even more than the first, but Dexter seems to have lost his edge.  I hope the next novel in the series brings deadly deranged Dexter back while he manages the women who seem determined to get ever closer to him.

Monday, August 24, 2015

Stick Dog wants a hot dog/ Tom Watson / 219 pages / challenge dog book

     This is the second in the Stick Dog series.  It is a fun book, however it is the same formula as the first one except that the dogs are after hot dogs instead of hamburgers.
They have more silly ideas and a new problem to solve ie.: raccoons, and Karen getting stuck in someone's house.  I would have liked to see something different.  I think the next book is about how they get pizza.  I think kids will like the repetition.  I hope there could be a different storyline in the future as he will exhaust the food-getting possibilities.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Deadly Pursuit (Guardians of Justice, bk 2) /Irene Hannon/340 pgs.

Alison Taylor is a social worker who is a protector of the children. Strange occurrences begin to happen--dead flowers on her doorstep, bingo cards with skulls and cross-bones delivered in the mail, just to name a few. Someone is sending Alison a message, and it's not a pleasant one. Her law enforcement brothers become involved,  plus ex-Navy Seal Mitch Morgan, turned detective. There's mystery, suspense, romance--all within a St. Louis setting. Very enjoyable!

Halfway There/Susan Mallery/47 pgs.

In this novella, Susan Mallery introduces the reader to Fayrene Hopkins, a 24 year old with a plan. She wants to own her business, with employees, in four years. Nothing is going to come between Fayrene and her goal, until she meets Ryan Patterson. He's only in town in a temporary position, so what harm could there be in having a short term romance? It's an entertaining lead into one of Mallery's full length trilogies.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid/Jeff Kinney/217 pgs.

Middle schooler, Greg Heffley, shares his school year experiences in the format of a diary--though he wants the reader to call it a "journal" not a diary! Through illustrations, along with his commentary, Greg comes across as a typical middle school boy trying to make his way through the ups and downs of pre-adolescence. It's a funny, enjoyable read for the middle school age crowd. I can see why it's a popular series!

Gathering Blue/Lois Lowry/215 pgs

Book two in the Giver quartet, introduces the reader to a different future society compared to the one in The Giver. Society in The Giver was highly technological and emotionally repressed, whereas society in Gathering Blue is very rudimentary, and consists of greed and inhumanity. The key character is Kira, a crippled, and recently orphaned,  young girl. She is saved from being taken to the Field and left to die because of her skill in embroidery. She is given the task of repairing the robe worn at the annual Ruin Song Gathering--a day dedicated to retelling the history of Kira's village. However, Kara comes to learn that all is not what it seems to be. The reader is totally sucked in, and this reader can't wait to read the next installment!

The Giver/Lois Lowry/240 pgs.

This is the first book in the Giver quartet, and centers around Jonas. Jonas lives in a seemingly perfect world--it's a world of contentment, and one of conformity. At the age of twelve, the boys and girls are given their life assignments. In Jonas's case, he becomes the Receiver of Memories, and his mentor is the Giver.  Jonas learns, through memories he receives from the Giver, what life once was, and how fragile his world really is. It's a powerful novel that I can't believe has just come to my attention. I can understand why it received the Newbery Award--highly recommended.

The Naked Eye/Iris Johansen & Roy Johansen/325 pgs.

Serial killer Eric Colby was executed in the San Quentin prison--or was he? Kendra Michaels played a key role in bringing Colby to justice, and due to certain circumstances, believes that he isn't dead. How does she convince the authorities that Colby is alive, and is picking up where he left off? It's a fast, exciting read, and highly recommended.

Friday, August 21, 2015

August Challenge

August Challenge

Ever hear of the 'Dog Days of Summer'?  

It refers to the conjunction of Sirius the Dog Star with the Sun.
This usually occurs from July 3 to August 11.

As we move into August and pass through the 'Dog Days' your challenge is to read a book where the dog is one of the main characters.  To help you get started with this challenge here are some ideas from Novelist.

If you take on this challenge in the summer heat, you will be rewarded with one point.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Mischief of the Mistletoe / Lauren Willig / 325 pages

     I read this Christmas book from the Pink Carnation Series last since I don't care much for Christmas stories.  I was amazed and happy to discover that it had very little to do with actual Christmas and was, in fact, a story that picked up Turnip Fitzhugh as a main character.  He has appeared in many of the books as a side character.  He is portrayed as not too smart and clumsy, but handsome and large and very rich.  This book shows his really nice and caring side.  I think that he suffered a head injury as a boy from falling out of a tree because he seems to have short term memory problems and difficulty with judgement.  This, plus his clumsiness could be from that fall.  I think Lauren Willig put that detail in there on purpose.  I was glad that he met Arabella who could appreciate him as he had been the butt of jokes for quite a few books.
     I read this one out of order, but found that I appreciated it more because I already knew some of the characters from the later books.  I hope that the author will write a reunion book at some point with the characters.

The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla / Lauren Willig / 481 pages

     This currently concludes the Pink Carnation series of books until the new book comes out this fall.  It is not about spies per se, but more about the life of Lucien whose parents died when he was 12.  Other characters from the other books are starting to appear in multiple books which is fun if you have read the other books.  It is like catching up with a friend. The catch to this book is about vampires in the early 1800's.  Apparently there was a vampire craze that predated Count Dracula.    
     I recommend this series and that it be done in order.

Stick Dog / Tom Watson/ 189 pages

     This is a great children's book about a dog (for bonus point).  It is funny, easy to read, and would be great for children to practice reading with expression.  
     The basic story is about five homeless dogs who want to get some hamburgers that they can smell grilling.  From there, it is just funny.  I am going to certainly read the next book and try to get certain kids that I know to read it.  It is a good book for reader's advisory.
It is a third grade reading level on the Scolastic book site.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Red Velvet Cup Cake Murder/ Joanne Fluke/ 323 pages

Red Velvet Cupcake Murder is the 17th book in Joanne Fluke's Hannah Swenson series.  Hannah is serving attending an open house at the renovated hotel turned condo when her friend, Barbara, falls from the roof.  Hannah is drawn into the investigation when Barbara insists that her brother tried to kill her.  Only problem, Barbara is an only child.  This mystery will appeal to readers who like cozy mysteries and baking.  For more information about this book check out the SCCCLD website.

Darkly Dreaming Dexter / Jeffry P. Lindsay / 288 pages

Several years ago, I was able to get 3 months of free Showtime, and I began watching the first season of Dexter.  Sadly the preview ended and I was unable to watch the remaining seasons.  The TV series followed this book pretty faithfully.  As I listened to the author's narration, I remembered all the dark humor that drew me to the TV series.  I love the premise of a serial murderer who only kills other serial murderers, and this novel took Dexter through a number of twists and turns to explore his deadly dark personality.  The word play is fun to listen to and Dexter's questioning of his own sanity is humorous in a dark way.  I would highly recommend this book.

Written in My Own Heart's Blood / Diana Gabaldon / 825 pages

The 8th novel in Gabaldon's Outlander series continues the improbable troubles of the Frasers and friends.  It is beautifully written, as were the rest of the novels - often humorous - often giving far more information than you would ask of even your best friends.  In an interesting turn of events Clair marries John Grey, best friend of her husband and former fiance' of her daughter.  William learns of his true parentage and reacts a bit violently.  This novel ended on a bit of a cliffhanger and I can't wait for the next in the series.

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Potshot / Robert B. Parker / 294 pages / Deceased Author Challenge

This Robert B. Parker has an Old West feel to it.  Boston PI Spenser is asked to investigate the murder of a prominent businessman in the town of Potshot.  The town is being squeezed by a gang of ruffians who live in a desert area called The Dell.  Led by The Preacher, they extort money from businesses to ensure protection.  The town wants no trouble as it has become the playground for wealthy L.A. residents.  Mary Lou Buckman and her husband refuse to pay.  Mary Lou claims that someone from The Dell shot him.  Spenser's investigation calls him to call in more fire power which he recruits among bad guys from past cases.  Although the case solution is a bit transparent, this is an enjoyable audio...beware the language!

Red Rabbit / Tom Clancy / 618 pages / Deceased Author Challenge

This Clancy is an epic read about Soviet-British-American relations and the covert, and not so covert, spying that accompanies it.  A Russian operative is terribly upset when he passes along a top secret coded communication of a plot to kill the Pope.  His ties to his native Poland have caused him to enter the political fray as Russia attempts to exert power in his native land.  Due to a fluke, John Patrick Ryan, a CIA analyst stationed in Britain is called upon to collect the defecting Red Rabbit and his family and whisk them to freedom.  Unfortunately, the powers that be put security above the Pope's life...Jack does not...

Rabbit Hill / Robert Lawson / 127 pages / Deceased Author Challenge

This Newbery Medal winner would probably not appeal to most of today's young people...not enough action...but it is an endearing story of Little Georgie Rabbit and his family as they interact with humans and civilization.  Wise old Uncle Analdas tells Georgie that there are always new folks coming, change is essential to life.  Georgie and his family are thrilled with changes effected by the new people who have moved into the big house.  This is a comforting tale of the interdependence of man and animal, and the peace and harmony that are possible through kindness and sharing.

Ash / James Herbert / 693 pages / Deceased Author Challenge

"Comraich Castle was a kind of sanctuary for the wealthy, so ethereal roamings of lost spirits would be almost as dire as hearing the kitchens were infected with cockroaches as far as they were concerned." Yet paranormal investigator David Ash has been summoned in response to violent psychic occurrences at the castle.  Under a binding contract of secrecy, he is to discover the cause of the hauntings and end them, if possible.  The castle is actually a prison for wealthy people who have crossed the line and must escape the known world, or a dumping ground for troublesome progeny.  Mr. Herbert's imagination knows no bounds.  We have imprisoned here the daughter of Hitler and the son of Princess Diana and Prince Charles, both of whom are afflicted.  Is their psychic energy adding to the powder keg of violent energy from past atrocities?  This is an excellent ghost story with multiple references to actual historical personages and their impact of world events.

Split Image / Robert B. Parker / 218 pages / Deceased Author Challenge

Chief of Police Jesse Stone begins a routine investigation into a murder and discovers the man was in the employ of a local retired tough guy.  He also discovers that the tough guy is married to a beautiful twin named Rebecca and that her twin, who lives next door, is married to another retired thug.  Their obvious devotion to their husbands sends Jesse into a tailspin as he cannot seem to come to terms with his own failed marriage to Jenny.  Local PI, Sunny Randall, has similar difficulties and is investigating a young girl whose parents want her removed from a local religious group.  Jesse's twins are something else...They were called The Bang Bang twins in high school...and the religious group is anything but...Resolution to both these cases is rather unorthodox...not at all unusual for Parker.

Patriot Games / Tom Clancy / 540 pages / Deceased Author Challenge

Jack Ryan is a former marine whose career was cut short a few months in.  He teaches history at the Naval Academy and loves his job.  While on vacation in London with his doctor wife, Kathy, and their small daughter, he is in the right place at the right time with the right skills to halt a deadly terrorist attack.  The targets are the Duke and Duchess of Kent.  Jack is injured in the scuffle but their Highnesses escape unscathed.  The terrorists bring their battle to America where they target Katy and Jack and the visiting royalty.  This prequel to The Hunt for Red October is a page-turner filled with nonstop action, heroics, friendship, camaraderie of the armed forces, and true love.  You may find Jack's abilities, or luck, to be a bit beyond belief but this does not detract from the story's appeal.

The Ghostway / Tony Hillerman / 213 pages / Deceased Author Challenge

Navajo lawman, Jim Chee, investigates a shoot out at the local laundromat, the desecration of a Hogan, a missing Navajo, and his own future.  The FBI is involved, a witness to big crime is being protected, and Chee is desperate to catch the teenage granddaughter of the missing Indian before she gets into big trouble.  He also has to decide if he is going to accept a job offered him by the FBI and leave the reservation to marry his sweetheart, Mary.  Plenty of twists and turns along with Chee's deliberations make this an enchanting read set amount the "shimmering colors of the Southwest and the musical lore of the Navajo nation."

Why My Third Husband Will Be a Dog / Lisa Scottoline / 288 pages / Dog as a Main Character August Challenge

"...the thing about love is that we can't control whether we get it, but we can control whether we give it.  And each one feels as good as the other."  This is one of my favorite comments/pieces of advice from this marvelous book.  Insightful, witty, heartfelt and down to earth, Lisa writes about her own amazing life, Thing One and Thing Two, her plethora of pets, her daughter, Francesca, and her Mother Mary.  If you need a quick pick-me-up, this could very well be it!

Timbuktu / Paul Auster / 181 pages / Dog as Main Character August Challenge

"A dog alone was no better than a dead dog."  Mr. Bones' master, Willy G. Christmas, is dying and has been preparing his best friend for this eventuality.  "Unless Mr. Bones found another master in one quick hurry, he was a pooch primed for oblivion."  So Willy undertakes "the Chesapeake Gambit;  an eleventh hour ploy to kill two birds with one stone" - find new digs for his furry companion and wrap up his own affairs and make sure his manuscripts were left in safe hands.  In Baltimore, he searches for Bea Swanson, his high school English teacher, with whom he has not contact for seventeen years.  He is at least partially successful.  Mr. Bones goes through several owners and names...and ultimately chooses Willy over the vagaries of life.  This is a heartwarming book that walks the tightrope of anthropomorphism with amazing success.

"Only out of stubbornness are great things born."
"To leave the world a little better than you found it.  That's the best a man can ever do."
" Dog - the lowest being contained within his name the power of the highest being, the almighty artificer of all things."

Travels with Charley: in Search of America / John Steinbeck / 246 pages / Deceased Author Challenge

"People don't take trips.  Trips take people."  At the conclusion of his trip across America, John Steinbeck makes this erudite comment about vacations.  In September, 1960 Mr. Steinbeck and his French poodle, Charley, journeyed across America in a camper truck he named after Don Quixote's horse.  As a writer, he wanted to experience first hand the people about whom he would write.  He gives an excellent tour of own country, its people, its natural beauty, and its changing face, making insightful comments along the way.  If you need a vacation, this could be it.

"A sad soul can kill you far quicker than a germ"

This book tells a story a

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Accused (Pacific Coast Justice series Book 1)/ Janice Cantore/ 415 pages

Accused is the first book in the Pacific Coast Justice series written by Janice Cantore.  Carly Edwards has been place on juvenile duty after an officer involved shooting.  It seems like her chance to get back on patrol hinges on getting a confession from Lonnie, a juvenile delinquent suspected of shooting the mayor and stealing her car.  The only problem is that Carly believes Lonnie when he says he's not guilty.  When Carly tries to prove Lonnie is innocent she ruffles a lot of feathers in the department and the city government.  Just who can be trusted becomes Carly's biggest challenge.
For more information about other books in this series please check the SCCCLD website.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sharp Objects/ Gillian Flynn/ 254 pages

Sharp Objects is the debut novel written by Gillian Flynn.  She sets the mood with a dark tone when Chicago reporter Camille Preaker is sent to her home town to cover the disappearance of two girls.  The novel deals with such subjects as self-harm and Munchhausen syndrome by Proxy.  The novel has some interesting twists and turns while portraying the small town of Wind Gap as a microcosm of misfits.  For read a likes and more information about this book visit the SCCCLD website.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

After the Storm/Linda Castillo/306 pgs.

This is the latest Chief of Police Kate Burkholder series entry. After a tornado hits Painters Mill, Ohio, not only is destruction left behind, but also human remains. In trying to discover whose bones have been unearthed, Kate Burkholder opens up a missing person's case from thirty years ago. It's suspenseful, and thoroughly engrossing--Castillo's best effort to date!

Thursday, August 6, 2015

How to be a Grown-Up/Emma McLaughlin & Nicola Kraus/240 pages

Blake Turner's career started off with a bang when he was just a tween, but now he's just a mostly working actor kept afloat with regular, substantial residual checks. Rory, his wife, freelances as a stylist for photo shoots. When Blake's latest "big break" falls through, Rory must take a job at a start-up run by twenty-somethings and learn the new buzz words that make up their conversations. Between caring for their two children, trying to bolster up Blake's self-esteem and reasoning with  two bosses who are clearly unsuited for leadership, Rory's hands are full.

McLaughlin and Kraus, authors of the Nanny Diaries, have written a funny and sometimes poignant story of a woman faced with a changing world. Longevity and experience are discarded in favor of youth and bad behavior. Quick, fun read.