Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I See You/Clare Mackintosh/384 pgs

If  you regularly commute to work via public transportation, you may not want to read this book:-) Zoe Walker takes the London Underground to work and back every day. One day she notices her picture in a classified ad in the paper. This rightly creeps her out, but she becomes even more worried and paranoid when she discovers that another woman whose picture appeared in the same ad has been murdered. As with Mackintosh's first book, I Let You Go, this one alternates between the victim's (Zoe's) point of view and that of the investigating officer. Here that's Kelly Swift. Kelly has been demoted, for reasons the reader will discover, and at first is the only member of the police who will listen to Zoe. This is a truly creepy tale, especially when we get a few short chapters from the "stalker/mastermind." I was engrossed by this book up until the reveal of the mastermind, whose motivation I found wholly unbelievable. The book was only saved, by a narrow margin, by the very, very end. I seem to always find flaws with Mackintosh's books, but I enjoy her writing style and intend to keep reading her books.

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