Monday, February 13, 2017

The Doctor's Christmas Proposal / Eve Gaddy / 222 pgs

I'll admit it. Romance is not really my thing, although I'll be reading quite a lot of it this month. That said, I can appreciate a good romance when I do read it. This just wasn't one of those good romances. The first paragraph was a big mess and I barely even understood what was going on. It did get going after a while, but some of the typos (bad editing) got in the way. The story is of a woman, Mia, from Denver who goes to the fictional town of Marietta, Montana to be the date of her old friend, Wyatt, who she just happened to have a one night stand with that resulted in a pregnancy and miscarriage some months before. Wyatt never knew Mia was pregnant. The one night stand only occurred because he was so upset by getting jilted by his fiancee. So, now it's Christmas and Wyatt's one brother is about to become a dad, and his other brother is about to get married, and Wyatt does what all other stupid men do, he calls his one gal pal with whom he had a fling to come be his date and comforter. 


I'm being generous and giving this book 2 stars instead of only 1, because the writing wasn't terribly bad. Then again, for a book that is supposed to be somewhat erotic, it really didn't get me all steamy. The cover is pretty though, and it doesn't look as slap-dash put together as some of these small publishing company books can be. So, it gets a Meh from me. It's not the worst book I ever read, but I wouldn't recommend anyone wasting their time.

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