Monday, February 13, 2017

Dreams of Her Own / Rebecca Helflin / 256 pgs

The only reason why this book gets three stars is that at least its sexy bits were sexy. The rest of it was a bit of a hot mess. It's the age old story of the smart, 29-year old virgin who wears frumpy clothing and puts her hair in a bun, but she FINALLY gets pretty when she meets the growly "bad boy" who underneath his smoking-hot, tough exterior possesses a heart of gold.

Cliche after cliche after cliche after cliche

Of course, it turns out *SURPRISE* that through a series of accidents that force Bad Boy to save Frumpy Virgin (thereby forcing Bad Boy to clutch Frumpy Virgin tightly) that he discovers that she's got a rocking body underneath her baggy brown clothing. God forbid she might have a little bit of chunky going on. Oh, and apparently all of Frumpy Virgin's clothing is brown. Every little bit of it. Why? We learn near the end of the book it's because Frumpy Virgin was emo in high school, but all of the emo kids already wore black, so she had to pick a different color.


At least the sexy bits were sexy. Otherwise, skip it.

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