Monday, February 13, 2017

Jericho Season 3 / Dan Shotz, et al. / 140 pgs

While mentioning the old TV show Jericho to a librarian friend a couple of weeks ago, she informed me that two graphic novels have been published in the last couple of years. Both continue the story of the show, and are very well done. I was very pleased to see that the characters are nicely drawn. The story moves along at a good pace and the politics between the three countries that now take up the lower 48 states are as interesting as ever.

For a refresher, since a group of nuclear bombs destroyed many of America's major cities, the country is now divided with the government of the United States in Columbus, Ohio, and the government of the Allied States in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The dividing line between both countries is the Mississippi River. In the middle is the newly independent Republic of Texas. Jake Green and Robert Hawkins are still on mission to take what they know about the origination of the nuclear attacks to Texas in an effort to get them to fight for the right side. I recommend Jericho Season 3, but only to those who have already watched and enjoyed the two televised seasons.

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