Monday, January 9, 2017

Lake House: a novel/ Kate Morton/ 495 pages

The Lake House: a novel written by Kate Morton is a double mystery that leads the reader through several twists.  The book is written in present time and flashbacks to when the crime occurred.  Detective Sadie Sparrow is on leave in Cornwall visiting her grandfather, Bertie.  While there she comes across a house, a ruin almost, deep in the woods.  Bertie explains that the house once belonged to the Edevane family and is now owned by mystery writer, Alice Edevane.  Through the dual story lines the reader learns of others who lived in the house and the disappearance of Theo, Alice's baby brother.  This book will hold your attention as Alice's story parallels Sadie's and then diverges.  The author does a good job leading the reader astray and then bringing them back to the truth.

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