Monday, January 9, 2017

IQ / Joe Ide / 321 p

Isaiah Quintabe was a 16 year old urban teen in LA with a great future. Teachers were already beginning to talk about Ivy league school applications when Isaiah's brother and guardian was killed by a hit and run driver. From that point on Isaiah had two goals - stay out of the foster care system and find his brother's killer. He drops out of school and by chance helps someone in the neighborhood solve a mystery. He realizes that his Sherlock Holmes-like deduction skills can be used to help others and support himself. He calls himself IQ. Soon he is being inundated with requests for help.  Unfortunately, the people who need help. Years later, a sketchy friend from his past hooks him up with a famous rapper who barely escaped a murder attempt. IQ must find who is trying to kill him and somehow keep himself out of the hit-man's cross-hairs. As IQ gets closer to solving the mystery, the author weaves in IQ's backstory and we learn why he funnels most of his money to a young Hispanic teen who is disabled with a traumatic brain injury.

This book would be a good recommendation for those who liked the Girl With the Dragon Tatoo books. The language is gritty and not for those wanting a cosy mystery. I suspect we might be seeing more IQ books in the future.

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