Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Water Knife / Paolo Bacigalupi / 371 pages

This book takes place in an American future where the water is running out in the southwest.  California, Nevada, and Arizona are competing for the remaining water rights.  Cities that don't get the water will die.  People are desperately trying to reach any destination with water.  States patrol their borders to keep migrants out.  In the mix are companies, like vultures, preying on the weak and trying to get the water by any means.

Angel is a water knife.  He does whatever is necessary to secure water for his boss Catherine Case of Nevada.  She has created a habitat for the rich with unlimited water and climate control.  She needs to keep control of the water as do other competing groups.

This is a violent, dystopian book with lots of action.  The main characters are flawed (especially Angel), but you root for them anyway.  There is a lot of bad language in Spanish.  I truly hope that we never have a world like this, but I'm afraid it is already here in some other countries. 

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