Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Warrior's Heart / Eric Greitens / 264 pages

     Missouri governor candidate Eric Greitens has written a YA memoir of how he became a Navy Seal.  Most of the book is the story of how he got there.
He started to travel as a volunteer after his freshman year in college.  He goes to China only a few years after Tiananmen square protest.  He actually gets pulled in by the police for talking with students about rights of free speech.
The next year, he goes to Bosnia (actually Croatia) to refugee camps as an observer.  He goes to Africa and Bolivia. Luckily, he can play soccer.  It's a universal game for kids.
     He goes to Cambridge on a Rhodes Scholarship and finally joins the Seals.
He really details the training.  He stops the narrative before deployment and then talks about his non-profit, the Mission Continues.
     If I heard about this in a novel, I would think that it was over the top like Forrest Gump showing up at all those historic moments.  However, it appears that Greitens really did do the things that he talks about. 

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