Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Silver Swan / Benjamin Black 288 p.

The events of Christine Falls are two years in the past.  Quirke has moved on.  His daughter sees him for lunch on Tuesdays where they share a bottle of wine carefully portioned over the course of the meal as Quirke no longer the heavy drinker.  His curiosity draws him in when a old acquaintance, Billy Hunt, contacts him about his young wife's apparent suicide.  Things are revealed about Diedre that perhaps would be better off left uncovered and lead to danger to the ones he loves.  Her story along with the silver-tongued con man Leslie White are told in episodes as the characters become intertwined with Quirke and his family.  Quirke's family becomes an integral part of the story in the slow paced, mystery set in post-war Dublin.
Silver Swan / Benjamin Black 288 p.   Quirke mysteries no. 2            

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