Wednesday, August 31, 2016

The Heart and the Fist/ Eric Greitens / 309 pages

   This is an adult memoir about Eric Greitens experiences leading to becoming a Navy Seal.  I started this book to see how it would be different from the YA memoir.  The book was word for word the same except for extra chapters about deployment to the Philippines, Afghanistan, and Iraq.  Even though he added details about some missions, there was nothing in there about actual fighting, death, attacks, or secret operations.  Instead, he describes a "crossing the equator celebration" that navy men do. I am sure that he must have been in some dangerouse situations where he had to fire his gun or blow something up like he does in his commercial.  He still amazingly turns up with a connection to events like chasing the terrorists that had abducted Graciela Burnham earlier in the Philippines.  Another was that he finished his Seal training right after 9/11.
    His non-profit "The Mission Continues" is about getting veterans to volunteer somewhere after they come home so that they can re-connect and feel useful in society and move on with life.  The web site shows that there are groups in quite a few states.

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