Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hillary:the Other Woman/ Dolly Kyle/ 304 pages

Hillary: the Other Woman is the first nonfiction book written by Dolly Kyle.  The bulk of the book is written in a conversation-like style and deals with Dolly's relationship with Bill Clinton.  There is little content supported by outside corroboration.  There is very little information about Hillary, and what is presented is subjective in nature regarding choice of clothing and hairstyle.  Dolly is quick to point out Bill's failures, but does not see herself and a partner in crime.  The book does present insight into the attitudes of Arkansas politics and if Dolly is to believed, those closely reflect the Chicago 'machine' of the senior Daley years.  Perhaps Hillary fit in better in Little Rock than what Dolly would believe.  There is probably some truth to what is written, but little substance to back up the claims.

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