Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Poet / Michael Connelly 434 p.

Jack McEvoy, crime reporter for the "Denver Post", just cannot believe that his twin brother, head homicide detective for the Denver PD, "ate" his gun while depressed over a horrific murder investigation that had stopped for lack of leads. His research into police suicides hits gold and gives the cops good leads as he finds the path of a serial killer. His inside knowledge gets him a berth with the FBI unit that is headed up by Bob Backus, son of the legendary FBI man who wrote the book on murder investigations. The Poet as he is dubbed leaves pithy Edgar Allen Poe as suicide notes. Jack falls for FBI team member Rachel Walling. Connelly intricately moves the plot along all the while concealing expertly the final twist.

Continued by The Narrows.
Poet / Michael Connelly 434 p.

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