Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Last Star (5th Wave Series, #3) / Rick Yancey / 338 pgs

I just finished The Last Star and really enjoyed it. I found it both less confusing than and better than The Infinite Sea but I still think the first book The 5th Wave was the best overall. My only complaint with this book is that there were too many "Oh, that's sad, this character died" moments only to find out a few chapters later that they somehow survived their seemingly fatal wound and now they're hunky-dory. This happens multiple times, so I am in no way spoiling the book, because people also die and stay dead as well. Have fun predicting who lives and who dies! Unlike some other reviews I've already read on Goodreads, I thought the ending was fitting even if it was a bit inconclusive.

In the last book of the series, Cassie, Evan, Ben, Sam, Dumbo, and Megan continue their fight against both the Others and those who have been programmed to believe they are the Others. The biggest question is how can humanity survive when you can no longer trust other humans?

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