Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Falls / Ian Rankin 157 p.

Detective Inspector John Rebus investigates the disappearance of a wealthy banker's daughter.  There is little to go on.  Has she been kidnapped or has she run away?  When a  carved doll in a small wooden coffin appears, DI Rebus has his first clue.  Learning that other similar coffins have appeared in the area over the years reminiscent of antique coffins, brings a connection of death with the coffins.  DC Siobhan Clarke tackles emails to the missing woman from the Quizmaster.  Her identity is immediately sussed out by the Quizmaster and DC Clarke takes on playing a internet game with puzzling clues.

This is the 12th in the John Rebus mystery series.

Falls / Ian Rankin 157 p.

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