Thursday, June 30, 2016

Only Enchanting / Mary Balogh 351 p.

In the fourth Survivor's Club Novel series where six men and 1 woman, all bearing wounds from the Napoleonic Wars, forge a true and deep friendship during their recoveries at Penderris Hall.  This is the story of Flavian, Viscount Ponsoby, whose fiancee turned to another, when he came home suffering with a disabling head injury leaving him seemingly violent when his speech was non-existant.  Now that her husband has died, everyone wants to reconnect the two now that Flavian is vastly improved and able to speak.  And speak he does to widow Agnes Keeping, asking for her hand in marriage.  All is not smooth sailing especially when Agnes discovers he married her to pay back his ex-fiancee.  But how the tables have turned, he has too fallen in love with his bride.

Only Enchanting / Mary Balogh 351 p.

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