Thursday, June 30, 2016

Second Time Around / Mary Higgins Clark 373 p.

Nicholas Spencer disappears when his small plane crashes.  Since pieces of his shirt are found it is presumed that he is dead.  People are shocked.  He eluded such personal magnetism, charm, good well as well as a strong sense of ethics and determination.  In the messy aftermath, huge sums of money is gone--with him it is commonly believed just as it looks like the FDA will not be approving his anti-cancer vaccine. Marcia "Carley" DeCarlo is assigned the story.  Being the step-sister to Nicholas's wife, gives her access to the family, and Lynn, Nicholas's second wife, asks Carley to investigate.  Then comes the sighting of Nicholas in Europe so he did fake his death and steal the company funds?  Carley is digging and digging and finding out so much that it is difficult to decide just who is telling the truth and exactly what has happened.  Fallout from the mess has pushed a psychotic over the edge, as this story unfolds with multiple twists and turns as only Clark can do so well.

Second Time Around / Mary Higgins Clark 373 p.

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