Sunday, June 5, 2016

Murder on Wheels / Lynn Cahoon / 181 pages

Jill Gardner, owner of CBM (Coffee, Books, and More) in the small California coastal town of South Cove; Greg King, lead detective and main squeeze of Jill; Amy, executive assistant to the mayor and Jill's best friend; and Justin, Amy's vest surfing buddy and a history professor, meet Kacey Austin, Dustin Austin's wife, at a geocaching event.  Jill was determined to dislike the woman.  Austin had neglected to tell Jill's friend Sadie that he was married while he wooed her and stole her recipes to sell in the gluten-free dessert bus.  Kacey is found dead on the beach and the death is suspicious.  Did Austin, the owner of the local bike rental shop, kill her?  Although Jull is determined to stay out of the investigation, she is inexorably drawn in.  Water shortages and relationship issues flesh out this final...for now...until August, in the series.

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