Sunday, June 5, 2016

Rough Justice / Lisa Scottoline / 344 pages

Marta Richter, a high-powered attorney, has partnered with the law firm of Rosato and Associates to defend a millionaire businessman on trial for murder.  He claims a homeless man accosted him at a traffic light and cut him on the face in an attempted robbery.  Elliot Steere shoots him dead, claiming self defense.  Marta believes the jury will vote for acquittal, asserting Steere acted in self defense.  As the jury begins to deliberate, Steere admits to Marta that he deliberately killed the man.  He fires Marta as his attorney, but she is determined to prove his guilt.  A hit man is sent to eradicate this threat endangering the entire law firm as well as some members of the jury.  Great suspense, plenty of action, and a well scripted climax made this an exemplary Scottoline.

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