Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dressed to Kill / Lynn Cahoon / 200 pages

A Tourist Trap Mystery
Jill Gardner watched her boyfriend, Greg, South Cove, California's chief detective, stride out of Lille's Diner, wondering when she would see him again.  Dinner, if Kent (who was found dead during practice for a local murder mystery) had been called up naturally by Saint Peter's list, next month, if someone had moved him up on the list intentionally.  No matter what Greg said, when murder happened on his watch, Jill's life was always involved, even when she tried to stay out of it.  Greg's ex-wife, Sherry, has opened a new vintage clothing store in town and makes no secret about her desire to take Greg back.  Kent, a banker, was Sherry's two-timing boyfriend.  Did she kill him?  The cast of characters...and Jill's love of eating flesh out this clever whodunit.

"Money's no good sitting in a bank.  It needs to be spread around to make a difference in this world."

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