Sunday, June 5, 2016

Dead to Rights / J. A. Jance / 373 pages

Joanna Brady #4
Joanna Brady is still new to the job of sheriff of Cochise County, Arizona.  When she investigates a demonstration at a local vet's office she has no idea of the violence that will occur before the day is over.  The protester believes the Doc has escaped justice.  Years ago he ran over and killed the protester's wife while driving drunk.  His life was altered little by the light sentence, while the protester's life was ruined.  He is carrying signs to let the public know the vet is a convicted drunk driver.  When the vet is found dead inside his burning barn, the unconscious protester, also found in the barn, is, of course, the prime suspect.  Great suspense, clever plot twists, and Joanna's difficult relationships with her somewhat resentful co-workers make this a profitable read.

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