Sunday, June 5, 2016

Conviction / Kelly Roy Gilbert / 342 pages

Wow!  I have never read a book more fraught with moral dilemma.  Young Braden is a sixteen year old pitcher with designs on a major league career.  His dad has a local radio talk show, is much admired and respected in the community, and has definite plans for Braden's future.  Braden's life is far from perfect.  His mother dropped him off as a baby so she could pursue a career as a dancer.  She was a one night stand and Braden's dad didn't even know she was pregnant.  His older brother, Trey, dropped out of school and left for New York where he owns and operates a restaurant.  He hasn't been home or talked to his dad since.  But things are about to get much worse.  Without warning, the best man Braden knows and the person who taught him right from wrong, is arrested at gunpoint on the street outside their home.  How Braden copes with the situation fate has dealt him is awe inspiring, thought-provoking, and encourages one to examine faith, our relationship with god, and our responsibility to others...and ourselves.

"A person's worth is measured by what he does."

"Faith always makes more sense when you look back on it later."

"Baseball's nothing if not proof of all the ways history matters to you."

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