Sunday, June 5, 2016

See How They Run / Ally Carter / 323 pages

This is part two in what must at least be a trilogy as the reader is left hanging at the end with problems unresolved and questions unanswered.  Grace Blakely witnessed her mother's murder three years ago.  She is plagued by nightmares and references that she might be crazy.  When she learned the truth of that fateful night, she felt worse, not better.  She has returned to the small country where her grandfather is US ambassador, where she spent her summers all during her childhood.  Her brother, Jamie, comes to visit from West Point with his friend Spence to check up on her.  When Spence is found dead after an altercation with the Russian ambassador's son, Alexie - Jamie's best friend, Alexie is, of course, the prime suspect.  Secrets abound in Adria.  Can Grace decode them in time?

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