Sunday, June 5, 2016

All Fall Down / Ally Carter / 310 pages

An Embassy Row Novel
"Diplomatic relations are like an iceberg, about 90% of them exist beneath the surface, unseen by the world at large, but they are still there, and if you are not careful, they will sink you."  Grace Blakely is the granddaughter to the US ambassador to Adria, a country forgotten by time.  The embassy itself was built by a spice baron in 1772, became the US embassy after World War II, and was the only home her mother ever knew, and Grace's home every summer...until three years ago when her mother was killed.  Grace insists she was murdered and she saw the assassin, a scar-faced man.  Now she has seen the man again, but her grandfather insists he is not a murderer.  Grace follows him through underground tunnels and overhears his declaration that he will kill again.  Can Grace stop an assassination by an international hit man?  Although the ending is somewhat predictable and the happenings a bit unbelievable, this first book in the Embassy Row series is a tense page turner sure to please the YA audience.

"Eventually, everybody falls."

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