Sunday, April 10, 2016

This Song Is Not for Him / Laura Nowlin / 230 pages

Written by a St. Louis County librarian
Ramona and Sam have their own two person band.  Ramona plays drums and Sam plays guitar - all kinds.  Ramona thinks they could use a third person, perhaps a vocalist.  Ramona and Sam are "just friends," although very good ones.  Both attend St. Joe's, a prestigious private school in the suburbs of St. Louis.  Both hope to attend Artibus, a by-audition-only music school.  At auditions, they meet Tom, a resident of Ferguson, whose ex girlfriend also attends St. Joe's.  Ramona Andrews, Sam Peterson, and Tom "The Chaos Maker" Cogsworthy become best friend band mates creating unique sounds.  These songs are not for you or us, they are for them.  This is a thought-provoking look at life decisions faced by young people as they end their high school time and make plans for the future...a peon to individuality and hope for a better world.

"Growing up isn't summiting a mountain, you know.  There's no end point."
"The most important thing is love."
"It is less harmful to feel sorry for someone than to be angry with him."
"You must learn to be at peace with the alien motivations of girls with fluff for brains."

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