Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Perennial Killer / Ann Ripley / 336 pages / SCCCLD Spring Challenge Gardening

Louise Eldridge had hoped to reconcile with her husband on their Denver trip.  She was there on vacation, suffering altitude sickness, for her "Gardening with Nature" TV show.  Bill, who had been on the verge of retiring from the CIA, agrees to accept an assignment there.  If Bill decides to stay with the CIA, he will move the family to Austria.  "What should she do? Trail after him like a loyal wife, or put her foot down and declare her own rights?"  Although this question is not resolved, Louise solves two murders and is a key player in Bill's current assignment.  A good read with a western flair, The Perennial Killer offers a plethora of chapters devoted to various aspects of gardening.

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