Sunday, April 10, 2016

The Registry / Shannon Stoker / 323 pages

"Mia had known she would marry a very wealthy man.  Because if her parents were correct, upon her eighteenth birthday - the day all American girls had the honor of entering The Registry - she would be marked at a price only the richest man could afford."  She was beautiful and accepted this as her due.  She had read all the propaganda about finding fulfillment in marriage.  Her world is shattered when she discovers her sister's husband is beating, and in fact kills, her.  Her parents are unconcerned.  Mia finds a magazine hidden by her sister before she left to meet her fate and realizes that the rest of the world has nothing but disdain for the once proud American republic, decrying "modern-day slavery: American brides."  When an uber wealthy, ultra cruel young man purchases Amelia Morrissey, her parents become wealthy and Mia determines to escape.  Her path to freedom is fraught with danger, suspense, unexpected benefactors, and a plethora of insightful comments on civilization, institutions, bigotry, tyranny...and courage.

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