Sunday, April 10, 2016

Dirty Blonde / Lisa Scottoline / 358 pages

Sexy Cate Fante has recently been appointed a federal judge in Philadelphia.  She loves her new job and hopes she can rise to its requirements.  Her first case is a high profile plagiarism case where a wealthy Hollywood producer has quite obviously stolen ideas and outlines for his current hit TV series.  Following the law, Cate rules against the plaintive, but acknowledges the facts.  When the defendant is murdered and the plaintive is found dead of apparent suicide, the authorities believe they have an open and shut case.  Not everyone agrees.  Cate, Detective Rossi (sp), the wife of the creative genius - all believe he, too, was murdered.  In the ensuing investigation, Cate 's sordid practices are revealed; her job is at stake; her friend and her son with autism are at risk of privacy invasion; and a new relationship is forged.  This is a seat-of-your-pants ride with a plucky heroine battling an entrenched good ol' boy network.

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