Sunday, April 10, 2016

Edge of Evil / J. A. Jance / 390 pages

This is the first book in the Alison Reynolds series.  In it Ali loses her job as an anchorwoman on nightly news.  She is being replaced by a much younger woman.  She wants to file age discrimination charges against the station, but her station exec husband, Paul, opposes.  At the same time, Ali's son, Chris, informs her of Paul's frequent infidelities.  Ali files for divorce to which Paul agrees.  He wants to marry his newest pregnant love.  Chris encourages Ali to start a blog, posting her current situations, as an outlet and possible source of support.  Meanwhile, Ali's best friend has died in a car accident.  Did she run her car off the cliff in a suicide attempt, knowing she has no chance of recovering from a recent diagnosis...or was she murdered?  This was a perfect companion at the Tuscon Festival of Books, as author Jance was present and the desert setting was fully present.

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