Thursday, March 10, 2016

Summer to Remember / Mary Balogh 320 p.

Summer to Remember / Mary Balogh 320 p.
Lauren Edgeworth is featured in this Bedwyn family series prequel.  She was left at the altar in One Night of Love.  She was left with the Earl of Kilbourne's family when her mother married the Earl's brother when they left on their wedding trip,  a trip from which no one returned.  She maintains icy control on herself.  Surrounded by a caring step-family, she longs to break free of these loving bonds to live her life on her own terms.  When her eyes first meet Viscount 'Kit' Ravensberg, he is sparing in a very public park with common labors-- protecting a maid's honor.  Kit has been acting the rake since his father banished him from the family home.  To thwart his father's plan to marry him to a neighbor's sister, he bets that he can marry, in a month, a very proper wife...Lauren.  When he admits the bet to Lauren, she conceives a plot to give both what they want, he not forced to marry his neighbor and she to be pronounced unmarriageable.  However she wants a summer to remember and Kit sets out to do just that for her.

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