Monday, March 14, 2016

Do No Harm:Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery/ Henry Marsh/ 289 pages

Do No Harm:Stories of Life, Death and Brain Surgery is the memoir of  Henry Marsh a British  neurosurgeon.  Mr. March introduces the reader to various patients via the treatment they require.  Along the way he shares episodes from his own life.  The level of detail is shallow enough for the average reader to understand and follow the surgeon and his cases.  An interesting sideline occurs when Mr. Marsh compares the British socialized medical system with the British private system.  Surgeries can be postponed for the average person due lack of a post-operative bed.  This does not happen in the private system.  In one case, the doctor searches through several wards and still does not find his patient until just before the operation.  Yes, the patients are housed in multi-person wards, even the patient with terminal cancer.  Overall the reader will find the book informative.

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