Thursday, March 10, 2016

One Night to Love / Mary Balogh 375 p.

One Night to Love / Mary Balogh 375 p.
In this prequel to the Bedwyn family series, Lily Doyle, Sergeant's daughter, is hurriedly married to Neville Wyatt, Viscount of Earl of Kilbourne, when an encounter with a French scouting party leaves Doyle's father dead.  Being the wife of an officer will protect her if captured by the French.  After one night of love, a re-engagement with the French leaves a wounded Neville sees Lily shot and believes her dead.  When the wounded Neville returns to England he enters into an engagement with a childhood friend.  Life throws the entire family a curve ball when Lily appears at the church minutes before Neville and Lauren Edgeworth wed.   

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