Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Hand That Feeds You / A. J. Rich / 273 pages / Scary Story Oct.-Nov. Challenge

Morgan Prager, at thirty, was working on her thesis on victim psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan.  She thought she could identify a new victim typology.  She thought that compassionate women attract a certain type of predator.  She created an online profile designed to attract a control group.  Instead she attracted Bennet, an impostor, a suspected murderer, a predator, who was allegedly mauled to death by her dogs.  Morgan is forced to reexamine her thesis, her pattern of self-destructive behavior, and her very identity.  Although the resolution was somewhat predictable, this dually authored book is well worth its time investment.

"C. S. Lewis's dog was killed by a car when C. S. Lewis was 4.  His name was Jack.  After that C. S. Lewis would only answer to the name Jack."
"Should people stop being kind because of unforeseeable consequences?"

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