Sunday, January 3, 2016

Article 5 / Kristen Simmons / 364 pages / Scary Story Oct.-Nov. Challenge

Are you disheartened by the immorality prevalent in our modern world?  Do you sometimes wish we had a Moral Militia to protect all from scurrilous elements?  In this dystopian adventure, the Bill of Rights has been revoked and Article 5, the Moral Statutes, has replaced it.  Those found breaking the moral laws are summarily executed or imprisoned.  Seventeen year old Ember Miller remembers how the world used to be, when people weren't arrested for reading the wrong book, or staying out after dark.  She has learned to maintain a low profile and to fly under the least until her mother is arrested for an Article 5 violation...and her boyfriend, Chase, who was forcibly drafted into the Moral Militia, is the one to arrest her.  Aside from being action packed and filled with edge of you seat tension, this book asserts the genius of our forefathers in demanding the Bill of Rights be a condition to ratification of our constitution.

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