Sunday, January 3, 2016

Ashley Bell / Dean Koontz / 560 pages / Scary Story Oct.-Nov. Challenge

Bibi Blair, with her indomitable spirit and odd connection to The Captain, is diagnosed with Gliomatisis Cerebri, and given less than a year to live.  Contrary to her doctors advice, she determines to fight the deadly cancer with every weapon modern medicine has in it arsenal.  When she is gifted with a miraculous remission after a visit from a hooded man and a golden retriever, her surfer parents celebrate by sending Calida Butterfly, a gifted Scrabblemancer. (Yep!)  Calida informs her that her life was saved so that she, in turn, could save a life - that of Ashley Bell.  This will not be easy, as the Wrong People do not wish Ashley to be saved.  The twists and turns in this page-turner plot are integral to this celebration of the power embedded in imagination and the printed word.

"Imagination, not invention, is the supreme master of the art of life."
"In this troubled world, everything was transient except what we could carry with us in our minds and hearts."
"The past is past.  The future is just an illusion.  All we have is now."
"She ran for the only medicine that reliably cured any bout of unpleasant feeling:  a book."

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