Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Book of Ivy / Amy Engel / 282 pages

The future has unfolded as anticipated in this apocalyptic novel.  Mankind has warred against mankind and lands and nations have been decimated.  The few remaining survivors live within a walled city...and continue to war among themselves.  In an attempt to minimize conflict and maintain power, the ruling family has decreed that  girls from the losing family must forcibly wed you men from the winning side.  Sixteen year old Ivy Westfall is so forced to marry Bishop Lattimer and is tasked by her father and older sister to discover codes to the Lattimer house and weapon storage and ultimately to kill Bishop.  Bishop, however, has no designs to continue his father's cruel practices.  He repeatedly exhibits compassion and understanding.  Ivy cannot possibly kill him.  Can she?  This first book in a duology, explores domestic violence, ostracism, the sanctity of the marriage contract, and the meaning of relationship in a YA dystopian setting.

Gateway Award Preliminary Award 2016-17

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