Sunday, January 17, 2016

Garden of Lies / Amanda Quick / 359 pages

Ursula Kern is a widow who runs a secretarial service.  When one of her employees and friend is found dead and police declare it a suicide, Ursula is convinced it is murder.  When she asks for time off from her own current assignment, cataloguing the collection of one Mr. Slater Roxton, he declines.  A most unusual wealthy man, he was an illegitimate son with an actress mother.  He was thought to be buried alive and spent a year alone on Fever Island.  Upon his miraculous return to civilization, He inherited his father's wealth and started his own business, hiring many of his mother's actor friends.  He is quite determined to aid Ursula in her quest.  He wants her...and not just as a secretary.  Together they uncover a drug manufacturing and distribution and a rather unlikely murderer.

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