Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Liar / Nora Roberts / 501 pages

When Shelby Foxworth fell in love, she fell hard.  When she married wealthy Richard Foxworth and had his baby, she thought they were set for life and would live happily ever after...and in luxury.  When Richard's boat capsizes in a storm and his body is not recovered, he is presumed dead.  As Shelby goes through his papers, she discovers that he is a liar...and worse.  She struggles to pay his many debts and moves back home with her daughter, Callie, to continue the debt payoff, finding work in her grandmother's salon and singing in a local night spot...and finding Griffin Lott, a successful contractor who is a transplanted Yankee.  Sparks fly...and not just the romantic type.  Spicy, interesting characters make this romantic thriller a most exciting read.

"Cold contempt can be a sharper blade than hot temper."

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