Sunday, January 17, 2016

All He Saw Was the Girl / Peter Leonard / 250 pages / Action Adventure Set Outside the U.S. Challenge

"McCabe was in Italy on an academic scholarship, 35 grand worth of tuition, room and board.  He'd lose it if he was involved in a disciplinary situation."  Chip Tallenger, a wealthy U.S. senator's son who likes to walk on the wild side, steals a taxi in Rome, landing them both in Rebibbia, a prison.  Chip's dad secures their release, but not before McCabe aggravates several of the inmates.  When McCabe comes to the rescue of an Italian girl whose purse is snatched by a drive by motorcyclist, he becomes the victim of a kidnapping.  The girl was a plant.  The motorcyclist a fortuitous stroke of luck.  The kidnappers mistook McCabe for Chip.  The senator paid the ransom, believing it was his son who was kidnapped.  McCabe's chances do not look good!

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