Sunday, October 11, 2015

Badlands / C. J. Box / 279 pages / Scary Story, October Challenge

The state of North Dakota produced Roger Marris, Phil Jackson, and Louis L'Amour.  Hydraulic fracturing enabled the state to produce the second largest oil find on American soil.  With the oil came money, lots of it, and the small town of Grimstad changed, seemingly overnight.  The previously poor became wealthy, industry and housing boomed, and two rival drug running gangs have met head on.  Cassandra Dewell has been hired as Chief Investigator by sheriff Jon Kickbride, replacing a possible dirty cop, Cam Tollefsen.  Cassie has just moved from Montana where she was instrumental in cracking the Lizard King serial murder case.  The Lizard King himself was later apprehended in South Carolina but released on technicalities.  Will he make his appearance in Grimstad?  Can Cassie convince law enforcement that Kyle Westergarrd is the key to the drug runners?
As always, Box does not disappoint!  This is a suspense-filled page-turner set in the frozen fields of North Dakota.  Although Joe Pickett is sorely missed, the tale is riveting in his absence.

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