Sunday, October 11, 2015

Trust No One / Paul Cleave / 342 pages / Scary Story, October Challenge

Jerry Grey, a crime writer, receives the diagnosis that he has Alzheimer's when he is forty-nine.  Although he has written thirteen books using the pseudonym Henry Cutter, his madness journal, recounting his journey through Alzheimer's will be his last.  He writes it to himself as a memory aid in the future, "a map back to the person [he] once was, a reminder of what he has lost."  Alternating chapters find fifty year old Jerry confined to a nursing home, wondering why he is being punished.  Is the universe punishing him for the bad things he's done?  Is it trying to reassert balance?  Do the mementos - the jewelry in the back of his drawer suggest that he committed murder on the days he escaped from his new home?  This is an excellent portrayal of the devastation wrought by Alzheimer's and a spine-tingling page-turner in which you cannot help but route for the bad guy..or is he?

"Write what you know and fake the rest...throw some research in there, too."

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