Sunday, October 25, 2015

Also Known as Elvis / James Howe / 279 pages

Skeezie Tookis, also known as Elvis, needs a t-shirt that says "Life is weird."  He has just set a new world record for the Number of Cheetos Eaten by a Thirteen Year Old in Thirty Minutes or Less.  All of his friends are leaving for vacations while Skeezie stays home in Paint Brush Falls, New York, working at The Candy Kitchen and watching his nine and five year old sisters while his mom works two jobs.  His dad left them two years ago, has paid no child support, but has recently come back into the picture.  Becca Wrightsman, a former snob, has recently moved back to town and, according to Steffi, Skeezie's boss, she is into him.  She asks him to go to the pound with her to pick out a dog.  He reluctantly agrees.  His dog Penny ran away six years ago and he still misses her.  Add in one bully, Kevin Hennessey, and you totally get the weird part.  This is a heart-warming, heart-wrenching story of flawed family dynamics, divorce, bullies, and the rigors of growing up, with an unusual beginning and a totally unexpected ending.

Truman Award Preliminary Award Nominee 2016-17

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