Sunday, October 25, 2015

Just a Drog of Water / Kerry O'Malley Cerra / 304 pages

"We are one small thing in a great big universe, but even one small drop of water can make a ripple in a giant ocean, a drop of water can carve a canyon.  One idea can ship away at another person's soul until they might start believing that idea themselves.  Everything in life is a big deal, sometimes just in the smallest ways...Keep doing the right things and maybe you'll help carve a canyon for someone one day.  Maybe you'll help change some one's mind..."  This was Jake Green's grandma's interpretation of a song lyric and her advice to him.  He and Sam had been best friends forever and vowed to be until "Martians invade the earth.'  But 9/11 and its terrible impact send repercussions through their country, town, friendship, and families.  Secrets are revealed, integrity is questioned, and the necessity of being a team player is exemplified.  This is quite simply an awesome, evocative read of a massive turning point in our nation and collective history.

"The nineteen hijackers were not Muslim as Allah does not accept murder."
"Winning isn't the final objective.  It's what we do after we win that determines the future.  We need to learn from the past."
"Fear must be replaced by hope."
"History is important so we know when to repeat it and when not to."
"Too bad there are no do-overs in real life."

Truman Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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