Sunday, October 25, 2015

Free to Fall / Lauren Miller / 473 pages / October Challenge - Scary Book

"The Doubt was for unstable people and artists and children" - an inner voice, whispers, within much like conscience or instinct, something medications were provided for to ensure its eradication.  Rory's friend, Beck - a would be photographer, still had it.  Rory hadn't heard it since seventh grade, but she hears it on her flight to the prestigious Theden High School.  Having passed the rigorous entrance requirements, she discovers that her mother, who had died at the age of nineteen giving birth to her, had also attended Theden.  In this tech-rich futuristic society of 2032, Lux provided almost constant feedback, suggestions, and  information.  Doubt was useless, counterproductive, and a threat to being "psychologically impervious" - a requisite for all Theden attendees.  Rory discovers a multitude of secrets at the Theden and a most unlikely ally.  This is a superb cautionary tale focusing on the issue of connectedness vs. connection and society's all too prevalent reliance on technology, the individual's moral responsibility to choose, and the courage required daily to do the right thing.

"Connection had replaced connectedness."
"Transcendence was transformational."

Gateway Award Preliminary Nominee 2016-17

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