Friday, July 14, 2017

Welcome to the World Baby Girl / Fannie Flagg / 496 pgs

I read Standing in the Rainbow last year, and although it's obvious Fannie Flagg never bothered to research Missouri, I really enjoyed the whole story. I have to say my thoughts are the same here as well. Though I think Standing in the Rainbow is the better book, I did love the story of Dena and her mom. Fannie is a great writer besides her glaring mistakes concerning Missouri.

Welcome to the World Baby Girl is the first Elmwood Springs book. It goes back and forth between the 1940s and the 1970s. Dena Nordstrom is a hot, up-and-coming reporter in New York City, and yet the stress from overworking coupled with unresolved issues from when she was a kid are driving her to developing ulcers and panic attacks. When she is ordered to go see a therapist, the circumstances of her past, including her missing mother, come rushing back. Meanwhile, her extended family in Elmwood Springs are anxious to see and take care of their grown-up Baby Girl.

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