Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The Star-Touched Queen / Roshani Chokshi / 339 pages / 8 discs

  This novel makes me wish I had a better understanding of Indian mythology and folklore. I thoroughly enjoyed the book but at times I felt I was missing something. Like there was an underlying text that would explain why our heroine Maya did what she did. The author has such wonderful descriptions brought to life by the narrator, Priya Ayyar who brought a world full of sensual mystery. I just wasn't sure I was catching the entire story.
   We meet Maya who has quite the unfortunate horoscope. Her marriage will be one of death and destruction. Her suitors are few to none and the harem where she resides view her with distaste and suspicion. She loses herself in the scrolls of her father's library where she also learns about her father's kingdom by hiding in the rafters above his throne room. The kingdom has been at war and her father has arranged for Maya to marry one of the warring tribes. It is during this ceremony a sneak attack surprises her and Maya is whisked away to safety by Amar, who is a king in his own country.
   What happens next is beautiful, enchanting and awe-inspiring. The pictures brought to mind are spellbinding. This is a great read for someone who likes fantasy, strong female protagonists and adventure in foreign lands.
   The second in the series has been released: A Crown of Wishes

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