Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Grimm's Fairy Tales / Read by Award Winning Cast / 3 CDs / unabridged

  This audio was recommended quite heavily by Booklist and I couldn't agree more. These 21 tales are the original works of the Grimm brothers - not the Disney-fied movies we know of today. Each are read by a different narrator who provides each one with definite individuality.
  The familiar tales are there: Cinderella, Little Snow-White, Hansel and Gretel but also some lesser known ones The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces (read by Alfred Molina!), The Six Swans (read by Davina Porter) and Rumpelstiltskin (read by Jim Dale!). The tales are divided by a small musical interlude and it helps reset your mind. The tales end abruptly. No 'and the lived happily ever after'. I listened to some of them with my younger son and his comment was "That's not nice". That perfectly fits in with these tales - not very pleasant things happen to some characters and not all of them deserve it. If you are looking for a fun night with younger children, this isn't it.
   Please take the time to listen to these wonderful stories. I cannot recommend it enough. They won't take much time but I bet you will still be thinking about them later.  

6 Degrees of Reading: Fairy Tales by Hans Christian Anderson, Aesop's Fables by Aesop and Myths That Every Child Should Know: A Selection of the Classic Myths of All Times for Young People by Suehyla El Attar.

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