Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Devil Wears Kilts/ Suzanne Enoch/ 469 pages

This historical novel is set in mostly London in the early half of the 19th century.  It is classic angry male trying to cope with "polite society."   Ranulf's 18 year old sister has run off to London to have her first season.  He follows to bring her back, only to find a reason to let her stay for "two weeks" which is more like the three hour tour.  His reason is one Charlotte Hanover, an older (25) unmarried spinster who actually answers him back and is not afraid of his temper.  Of course, the book is about their tempestuous relationship and how it develops, but it is also about the British Lords who own large holdings in Scotland where they have displaced the common people to run sheep for profit.  The bad blood between England and Scotland is present as is the feuds between Scottish Lairds. It really accounts for Ranulf's anger issues and behavior by the end of the book. ( He actually lightens up, but that will be for the sequel in which Rowena will undoubtedly be the heroine with the childhood friend in Scotland.
fun, good bedtime reading.

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